Grooming Scissor sharpening

Types: All makes and types of scissors sharpened.


Services: We offer "in house" services by appointmant. Mailing to the UK and EU.

Mobile service to our region and further afield for larger quantities. .

Our work: All scissors will be sharpened and honed, cleaned, polished, balanced/aligned, and tested. We will also re tip if required. Accessories can be replaced if required, the  stopper/bumper and finger rests and pivot screws. If you need these replaced or repaired, for an extra charge we will be happy to do.  

Turnaround: We aim to turn groomers work quickly, appreciating the urgency.          

Large scissors - blade above 3 inch

prices from £7.50

Large convex - blade above 3 inch

prices from £8.50

Medium scissors - blade 2-3 inches

prices from £6.50

Medium convex - blade 2-3 inches

prices from £7.50

Small scissors - blade up to 2 inch

prices from £5.25

Grooming thinners

prices from £6.75

Convex grooming thinners

prices from £8

Small note about postage...

Postage is set per value of total price: Up to £6.99 order = £2.00 return delivery, £7.00 to £24.99 = £3.00, £25.00 to £34.99 = £4.00, £35.00 to £44.99 = £5.00, £45 to £79.99 = £6.00

£80 and over orders, qualifies for free return delivery.

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