Services: We offer a mobile service to your premises or bring your knives into us. Knife sharpening at the workshop needs to be booked in, unless you have a small job, and willing to wait, the best way is to leave your knives with us. We can arrange a pick up time or call when the work is done. Please call/email or send a message via our contact form to book in.

Mailing your knives to us: Provision must be made to ensure your knives are packed safely. Some courier services accommodate mailing of knives, please check first before sending.  

Mobile service: A friendly and reliable service to your business can be as frequent as you wish. Costs for this service are based upon the size of knives and frequency and quantity. This is mainly for restaurants and businesses with larger quantities. We are unable to make visits to domestic households for knife sharpening, sorry. If you  require your kitchen knives sharpened, Please call to arrange to bring them to us. Alternatively why not get a number of neighbours together to make a larger quantity!

Machinery: All kitchen/chefs knives are sharpened on a professional machine. This provides that the correct blade angles for use and type of knife, and equal bevels to ensure a straight cut. Seratted knives are sharpened by hand.

Other knives: Hunting, bush craft, pen, lock, sheath, diving and many other types, sharpened. All kinds of sharpening undertaken, with various machines, diamond and waterstone products.

Full refurbishment and repair of knives, including polishing, can be done.

Please contact me for pricing, and details of areas covered.

Kitchen knives are charged per blade length starting from £1.75

Thank you.



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